Personal Preparation

Altitude and Acclimatisation
Higher altitudes have less oxygen, humidity and pressure. Huaraz lies at an elevation of 3,052 m (10,013 ft), thus anyone arriving from lowland or coastal areas is likely to experience some effects of the altitude gain. In order to keep these effects to a minimum, we recommend the following: More info about altitude sickness in Wikipedia

A general fitness is necessary to enjoy the treks. On average you would expect to be walking for about 5-7 hours per day. The walking pace is slow to allow for altitude conditions and is broken up by plenty of rest stops and lunch. On climbs, the summit day is usually long with a 6-9 hour ascent followed by a 4-5 hour descent.

First Aid
Once you have made a reservation, you will be provided with details of what we carry in our First Aid Kit. However, please be aware that these items are intended for emergencies and it is preferable to carry your own personal and preferred medications.

The voltage is 220 at 60Hz. There are 2 kinds of outlet:

The local currency is "Nuevo Sol". The current exchange rate is 3.27 PEN to US $1 (See Currency Converter) Banks and ATM's are available and reliable. Most banks open Mon – Fri 9.00 – 18.00, Saturdays 09.00 - 13.00
US dollars are accepted in most large hotels, tourist restaurants, in some pharmacies and supermarkets. It is difficult to change currencies other than the US dollar or Euro. We recommend you change your currencies in banks or certified exchange locations rather than on-the-street money changers.
Credit cards are used in Huaraz. Of the major cards, Visa is the most accepted.

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